Drilling Equipment

There are two core differences that set Radius Drilling Corporation apart from the rest:

  1. With nearly 20 years of experience drilling all over the world, our reputation for high quality work speaks volumes.
  2. Radius Drilling uses the most technologically advanced drills and techniques available in today’s diamond drilling market ensuring safety, efficiency, and accuracy. 
Our custom-built diamond drills are ultra-light making remote drilling to even the most rugged and inaccessible drill sites easily accessible. Where many other drills fail in never reaching these remote sites, our state-of-the- art surface drills are made exactly for this purpose. Most of our drill components weigh less than 1400lbs allowing for most helicopters to easily handle the transportation of any drill within our fleet.
We have a fleet of eight drills. Our lightest drill is the R2000. Our surface diamond drills collect accurate core samples and have the capacity to:
  • 6 Rigs: R3000 – NQ to 5000ft, HQ to 2500ft, PQ to 1700ft
  • 1 Rig: R2000 "Underground" – HQ to 800ft, NQ to 2500ft, BQ to 2800ft
  • 2 Rigs: R2000 "Surface" – HQ to 800ft, NQ to 2500ft, BQ to 2800ft
Here is a sample list of our auxiliary equipment:
  • CATERPILLAR D5LGP (Low Ground Pressure)
  • CATERPILLAR D6LGP (Low Ground Pressure)
  • Kenworth HIAB
  • Track Mounted Utility Vehicles

Please contact our team of experienced professionals to arrange for the drill best suited for your application.