Radius Drilling Corporation specializes in providing the highest standards in surface diamond drilling. With experience drilling in Central and South America, The Dominican Republic, Africa, and Canada our experience in surface diamond drilling is staggering. Based out of Prince George, BC and with extensive experience drilling permafrost in the Northwest Territories, we are leaders within the diamond drilling industry.

We work hard to be cost-effective for each client situation, operate out of a “no-hidden costs” philosophy, and have a proven track record of efficiency, safety, little to no down time, and professional results. We pride our selves on delivering, every time!

1. Pad Construction
Leaning on years of experience gleaned from drilling around the world, Radius Drilling offers clients ready-to-go drill and helicopter pad construction. Our in-depth understanding of drill and driller requirements along with our huge experience in rugged, high, and cold terrain makes Radius Drilling the go-to pad construction company. Using environmental best practices and with a no-nonsense approach to safety and productivity, we can and do design and build the best pads for any drill site.


2. Geotechnical Drilling
Radius Drilling offers clients comprehensive geotechnical drilling services in some the most remote and rugged terrain. Our geotechnical services gather information and data to help determine rock and soil formations and even water tables for a large variety of projects, including construction and mining. Owing to our state-of-the-art equipment and vast experience, we are able to provide consistent and professional results every time and on time!